We are committed to providing the best in client service. We offer professional  assistance to our clients for whatever they may need.

“It was great to never have to go through a paralegal or legal assistant to talk to George or Tommy.  They were always available to me, and it was a great source of comfort to me and my family.”

– Robert Humphrey

“When I had a question I could always reach George or Tommy.  Even if they were in court or traveling I would hear from them in a matter of hours.”

– Steven Cowgell

“George or Tommy kept me up to date about events in my case.  They understood that my family and I were concerned about my injuries and our future.”

– Charles Banks

“When it came time to decide whether to try or settle my case, I knew my lawyers were 100% prepared to do battle for me.  They also spent all the time my family and I needed to consider all my options and what was best for our future.”

– Elias Moreno


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